Take your course creation to the next level.

Create and sell artificial intelligence powered, adaptive courses on any subject, without having to worry about algorithms.

Why your courses should be adaptive.

64% higher revenue

Adaptive courses sell for an average of 64% more than traditional online courses. Godaptive will make your existing courses adaptive or help you create new ones.

52% improved learning outcomes

Adaptive courses significantly improve knowledge retention, learning speed and user engagement compared to traditional courses — your users will thank you, and recommend you to their friends.

3 times as many customers

Customers are 3x more likely to choose AI-powered, adaptive courses over traditional courses.

When we switched to adaptive courses our sales went through the roof. Godaptive makes creating and selling them so easy!
Arthur Caton
Growth Lead
AG Education Ltd.

Create your course and add all of the content you need.

We give you all the tools you need to create adaptive courses. Upload videos, articles, questions and let our algorithm personalize your users’ learning journey.

  • Upload videos or embed from Youtube and Vimeo
  • Create and import articles
  • Add multiple choice questions
A stylised illustration of Godaptive's course creation tools.
A stylised illustration of Godaptive's storefront.

Bespoke storefronts to help you sell your courses.

Our storefronts are customizable to your business and look great on all screen sizes. Fully integrated with Stripe, you could be making money in a few clicks.

  • Integrates with Stripe
  • Add multiple pricing plans
  • Discount codes

Track how your users are progressing and improving.

Our course reporting tool allows you to track how your users are doing and see insights on questions or resources that may or may not be working well.

A stylised illustration of Godaptive's student analytics.
Where the magic happens

Let us worry about algorithms and data science.

Mastery and recommendations

Our mastery and recommendation algorithm uses Bayesian Knowledge Tracing to calculate a student’s mastery level for a skill and to present relevant resources and questions.

Question difficulty calibration

Our question difficulty algorithm dynamically adjusts a questions difficulty based on a baseline entered by the course creator and user responses as they work through the course.

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