The Benefits of an Adaptive Learning Platform

Godaptive Team
May 12, 2021
Adaptive Learning

What is an Adaptive Learning Platform?

An adaptive learning platform is an online system which provides a personalised learning experience by adapting to learners’ individual needs. This education technology presents learners with resources that are suitably challenging, and therefore enables effective learning, by assessing their knowledge and understanding of topics. This approach provides an individualised learning experience and supports learners to progress through online learning materials. 

How does Adaptive Learning Work?

With an adaptive learning platform, learners are assessed on the content they have been introduced to, to identify their understanding of topics and any gaps in knowledge or misconceptions. The system gathers information as learners complete tasks or questions relating to the topics they are learning, and applies algorithms or ‘rules’ to the data collected, to automatically adapt future content based on their responses. By continually collecting and analysing learners’ responses, an adaptive learning platform can personalise a learner’s experience and differentiate their learning to suit their individual needs. 

High quality adaptive learning platforms will capture data as learners interact with the content and immediately react to the learner’s needs, by adapting the content, providing additional reading or resources, and further assessment tools. This ‘real-time’ response ensures that content is constantly shaped by the learner as they’re engaging with it, rather than assessing their needs following a session, and therefore effectively supports their learning as they’re studying.

How does the Godaptive Adaptive Learning Platform Personalise your User Experience?

As it continually assesses learners’ performance, an adaptive learning platform, such as Godaptive, can identify users’ individual needs and determine which learning resources will support their progress. Godaptive continuously collects data, tracks users’ learning and progress, and responds to this. 

Through effectively analysing performance, artificial intelligence can support individual learning by identify the following:

A learner’s knowledge and understanding of a topic

  • Data is collected identifying the user’s knowledge of a topic
  • Progress across the course content can be monitored
  • Topics that have been mastered can be identified so future learning can build upon this

Topics or areas that require improvement

  • The data collected can identify any areas within a topic, or even whole topics, in which the learner needs further support
  • It can highlight misconceptions or lack of understanding, and adapt the content to address this

Individual assessment information

  • Data collected can show which questions a learner answered correctly or incorrectly
  • It can identify how long a learner spent answering each question
  • Assessment data can also monitor a learner’s performance across similar/related questions to identify their understanding of different topics

By analysing a learner’s performance, the Godaptive system can modify the difficulty of the content and determine what activity or resource will support the learner’s progress.

Why Choose an Adaptive Learning Platform?

Maintain Ownership of the Programme

Godaptive is an effective educational tool which allows educators to deliver online programmes personalised to their learners’ needs. Educators and training providers can include a variety of different learning materials and resources, as well as different assessment tools, to ensure that their desired content is delivered; the adaptive learning platform simply utilises learners’ data to present them with content at the right time to optimise their learning. This enables educators to maintain control over their programmes whilst offering their learners a bespoke learning experience.

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The Learner at the Centre

Whereas a standard online programme expects learners to progress through the content at the same pace, an adaptive learning programme, such as Godaptive, takes into account different rates of learning, areas for development and overall learning needs, and delivers a personalised learning experience. This ensures that individuals are suitably challenged and the course content is accessible; making the programme a more inclusive alternative to a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.  

This also allows the course to more closely resemble a classroom learning experience, in which a teacher reacts to the level of understanding an individual displays and differentiates their teaching to meet the needs of the learner. A Godaptive programme follows this same approach, and rather than repeat information that a learner has mastered or progress to the next stage of learning if the learner hasn’t grasped a topic, it continually assesses the learner’s understanding and adapts to meet their learning needs. 

Improve Learning Outcomes

The Godaptive platform focuses on using assessment tools to identify gaps in learners’ understanding and subsequently the learning that needs to take place to address these, with the emphasis on providing information that will enable them to progress within the programme of study. This provides an effective learning environment, in which individuals are presented with content that is specifically adapted to address their gaps in learning and support their progress.

Inform and Improve the Programme

Assessing and tracking users’ progress can be beneficial for the learner and the training provider. The data collected from an adaptive learning platform can provide an insight into individual learners’ performance, which can be used to further support their progress, if tutor support is an element of the programme. Even without direct contact with the learner, the assessment information will automatically support their progress by adapting the learning content, and will provide valuable feedback about the programme as well. 

By tracking the progress of all users, training providers can identify common areas which learners are finding challenging. This feedback can help inform improvements to the programme; for example, by enabling adjustments to be made to the level of difficulty in response to learners’ assessment data, or by providing additional learning resources or assessment opportunities for particular areas in which learners require more support. As the data gathered increases over time, it will continue to provide feedback which will enable the programme to be improved and refined, as a result of learners’ engagement with the content and assessment. 

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By adapting the content in response to the needs of the learner, the Godaptive platform can enable programmes to be more accessible, making them suitable for diverse groups of learners. This data-driven, personalised learning approach supports users’ learning and progress, and therefore presents many benefits for the learners and the course providers. 

User Experience Adapts Based on their Strengths and Weaknesses 

As Godaptive assesses a user’s knowledge and understanding of the topics they’re engaging with throughout the course, it tracks what the learner has mastered and areas which need to be developed further, and personalises their content to effectively support their learning and build upon their prior knowledge. This prevents wasted learning time, as the learner’s focus is directed towards areas in which they are weaker, in order to develop their understanding and enable their progression. 

Better Retention

A Godaptive online programme, which is delivered at the appropriate level for the learner, ensures that they can access the material and receive suitable learning resources that will support them to progress through the course. As a result, any concerns about being unable to complete the programme are reduced, as the course material is more accessible to the learner and geared towards their learning needs. Ensuring that learners feel confident in their ability to access the materials and supported by appropriate resources will increase retention rates.

Better Exam Results

The use of assessment within an adaptive learning programme ensures that users are actively engaging with the content, which in turns supports their learning and progression. Completing tasks and questions related to the content covered also provides learners with personalised feedback throughout, which supports their learning.

The ongoing assessment also determines what content the learner is provided with; therefore, they are directed to focus on areas which they need to develop further, in order to support their individual learning needs. Learners are provided with additional resources and opportunities to practise, through the use of assessments and tasks, to enhance their knowledge in these areas and improve their learning outcomes.

With more effective use of time and resources, learning is enhanced, which in turn enables improvements to assessment results.

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Better Course Completion Rates

The Godaptive platform supports users’ progress, ensuring that they acquire the essential knowledge at a rate that suits them and with the necessary support and resources to enable them to do so. This ensures that learners are engaged, appropriately challenged and studying areas which they need to develop, resulting in improvements to their learning.

Creating a learning environment which is accessible supports learners and develops their confidence and motivation to complete the course. With increased confidence and motivation, and active engagement with the content, comes improved retention rates and course completion rates, as learners feel supported and able to undertake the work required.

Higher User Satisfaction – More Word of Mouth

There are many benefits to the learner of engaging with a course which offers personalised learning. By focusing on their individual learning needs, it is challenging but accessible for the user, and therefore prevents feelings of boredom or frustration.

The assessment element of an adaptive learning platform can have a positive impact on the user; it enables learners to monitor their own progress, giving them ownership of their learning and making it more purposeful. Being able to track their achievements can also be rewarding for the learner and encourage greater engagement with the programme.

A personalised learning tool, which supports users’ learning effectively, develops confidence and engagement with the content, and enables progress, provides users with a more positive experience, resulting in greater satisfaction with the product. 

Stands out from Competition 

A programme delivered using the Godaptive platform offers users’ benefits that a standard online course does not – a personalised learning experience that effectively supports an individual to learn and progress at their own rate  – making it stand out from the competition. 

Users are actively engaged in the learning process, through the use of tasks and assessments, which not only has an impact on their learning and progress, but also creates a positive learning experience and increases their engagement with the programme.

The Godaptive platform can also support training providers to reflect upon their content and make improvements, if required. Data collected from learners’ engagement with the content provides feedback about the challenges users are experiencing, areas where additional resources or support are required, and where improvements can be made to the programme. This enables training providers using an adaptive learning platform to continue to improve their programme based on learner feedback. 

Using an adaptive learning platform, such as Godaptive, allows educators to offer a responsive learning experience that is tailored to users’ individual learning needs; therefore, giving them an advantage, as an online education tool, over standard online learning.

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